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Vahva Tyrniöljy-Mustikka omegat

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In many countries buckthorn and bilberry are used in folk medicine, and these healthy berries have always been popular with Finns. These berries which contain many compounds, that are beneficial for the wellbeing of the body, and whose seeds contain essential fatty acids, are true superfoods! Mixing the oils from these berries in the correct proportion yields a product of which the ingredients complement each other, and which contains fatty acids of all the omega groups, vitamin A and E precursors, and natural seed flavonoids and phytosterols. These are the constituents of Via Naturale’s Vahva Tyrniöljy+Mustikka Omegat capsules.

Bilberry oil is exceptionally fluid and its composition differs from that of buckthorn oil. It is therefore a perfect complement to buckthorn oil. Bilberry seed oil contains more omega-9 oleic acid, omega-3 alpha linoic acid and omega-6 linoic acid than buckthorn oil.
Buckthorn oil, which is abundant in omega-7 fatty acids, especially palmitoleic acid, has been studied extensively all over the world. Especially people who suffer from dry indoor air and women who have reached the menopause have learned to use buckthorne oil preparations. Among these groups buckthorne oil has established its' position in Finland too. Buckthorne oil in capsules is made by centrifuging the whole berry, both the berry flesh and the seeds.
Vitamin A is a vital fat-soluble vitamin. The body needs it to maintain eyesight, and the health and normal function of all the mucous membranes and the skin. The wellbeing of the scalp is very important for the condition of the hair. In adults, a poor intake of vitamin A is mostly connected with a low-energy or unbalanced diet, in which animal products such as liver, edible fats, milk products and meat are avoided and strongly-coloured vegetables are eaten in only small amounts. In conjunction with the fatty acids in seeds, the positive effects of vitamin A can be both seen and felt.

Instructions for use: During the first two months of use the recommended daily intake is four capsules, and thereafter two capsules.
Content per dose (2-4 capsules):
Turpentine oil 900 - 1800 mg
Blueberry oil 500 to 1000 mg
Saturated fatty acids 300 to 600 mg
Corticotinic fatty acids 685 to 1370 mg
     of which 7 palmitoleic acid 360-720 mg
     of which omega- 9 fatty acids 325 to 650 mg
Polyunsaturated fatty acids 430 to 860 mg
     of which omega-3 fatty acids 175 to 350 mg
     of which omega-6 fatty acids ranging from 255 to 510 mg
Vitamin A 150-300 μg

Ingredients: Olive oil, blueberry seed oil, gelatin (pig), humectant (herbal glycerol), color (iron oxide), retinol palmitate (vitamin a)
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Vahva Tyrniöljy-Mustikka omegat - Via Naturale

Vahva Tyrniöljy-Mustikka omegat

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