Ultra Grips, blue

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Climaqx Ultra Grips were made to significantly enhance your workout performance. The precision-lasered customized rubber with a non-slip surface avoids grip fatigue, and provide you with maximum stability.

You can easily wrap the rubber single-handed around the bar, cumbersome wrapping as with ordinary lifting straps is history! The Velcro Hook & Loop system has been developed for quick closure, stability and secure heavy lifting.

Multifunctionality is what makes Climaqx Ultra Grips stand out of ordinary lifting straps and fitness gloves: You can perform both pushing and pulling exercises, making it your new best workout partner!

Climaqx Ultra Grips distribute the weight evenly, allowing you to perform significantly more rep´s.

An increased number of rep´s, more weight and relief of your finger allow you to isolate specific muscle-groups, which has been tested and approved by professional athletes from around the globe.

  • Precision-lasered customized rubber fits perfectly to your hand palm
  • Eliminates grip fatigue due to the non-slip, low wear rubber
  • Performance enhancing: More reps, increased muscle isolation
  • Velcro hook & loop system for quick closure and secure heavy lifting
  • High density foam provides excellent fit and a soft cushioned feel
  • Ease of use and high force-absorption
  • Thickened rubber piece located at the top of the rubber, ensure maximum grip
  • Multifunctionality; Engineered to perform both pushing and pulling exercises
Manufacturer: Climaqx
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Ultra Grips, blue

Ultra Grips, blue

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