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IRON GYM Tube Trainer is ideal for a wide variety of fitness training, including weight loss, muscle toning, stretching, rehabilitation, physical therapy and general health and fitness. Padded handles provide comfort and stable grip even with sweaty hands.

IRON GYM Tube Trainer is compact and portable, so you can take your workout anywhere, anytime. Great for Gym, Home, Travel and Office Use.

  • Comfortable, Anti-Slip Handles Fit Hands of All Sizes.
  • Made With Premium Quality Materials, Designed for Long Term, Intense Usage.
  • Compact and Portable.
  • Strengthen and tone your core, legs, arms, back, wrists, hips, shoulders and more! Use it for Rows, Push ups, Abdominal training and Leg exercises, with dozens of variations for balanced and functional physique!
Free movement training with Tube Trainer enhances not just the bigger primary muscles, but also the minor and stabilizer muscles, which play an important role in overall health and performance.

The adjustable resistance provided by the Tube Trainer is perfect for Warm ups, Rehabilitation, Stretching and Body Toning.

Manufacturer: IRON GYM®
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Tube Trainer - IRON GYM® 

Tube Trainer

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