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Organic Kefir Cultures, 15 g

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With the Kefir Start Kit purchased from The Kefir Company you can prepare 12-15 weeks’ worth of Kefir. The Kefir starter kit contains 3 sachets of Kefir cultures of superior quality and allows you to make up to 105 litres of Kefir. Each package can be used for 4-5 weeks and produces 1 litre of Kefir a day. This way you can prepare up to 105 litres of Kefir with 1 package of Starter Cultures purchased from The Kefir Company.

Manufacturer: The Kefir Company
Ingredients: Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis / Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris / Lactococcus lactis subsp. diacetylactis / Leuconostoc mesenteroides subsp. cremoris / Lactobacillus kefyr (thermophilic) / Saccaromyces unisporus / Kluyveromyces marxianus / Non-GMO dextrose as a carrier (consumed during fermentation)
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Organic Kefir Cultures, 15 g

Organic Kefir Cultures, 15 g

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