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MAHTI Angelica Elixir (100 ml)

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Sore throat, kids sick in bed, work and holiday awaiting. What if the flu did not concern your family?

MAHTI keeps the bad bugs away and boosts your immunity to meet the challenges of everyday life.

Angelica archangelica is Lapland’s own power herb with strong antibacterial properties boosting your immunity and keeping the bad bugs away.

The 100 ml bottle has exactly the same content as MAHTI herb shot and is a great alternative for daily use at home whereas the shot is handy in your pocket or purse.

Dose: To prevent the flu and to boost the immunity 1 teaspoon daily. If you feel like catching the cold, take 2 teaspoons per day. To boost the effect, keep in mouth for a while before swallowing. Energy content 17 kcal / teaspoon.

Use: Take as such or mixed with tea, smoothie, yogurt or oatmeal.

Manufacturer: Arctic Warriors
INGREDIENTS: Angelica archangelica, nettle, northern sweetgrass, vegetable glycerol. Dairy and gluten free, vegan, suitable for diabetics. Vegetable glycerol does not raise blood sugar.
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MAHTI Angelica Elixir (100 ml) - Arctic Warriors

MAHTI Angelica Elixir (100 ml)

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