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Hydro Rush

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  • Hydro Rush
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Whey protein hydrolyzed and Peptopro®. Bcaa 8:1:1, Hmb and Glutamine dipeptides.

Faster absorption of amino acids to the muscles
High Speed Protein™
Increases protein synthesis during and after exercise
Improves muscle performance and stamina
Accelerates recovery and insulin boost after exercise
Free from lactose and gluten

Hydro Rush contains hydrolyzed whey protein HydroLact ™ and hydrolyzed casein PeptoPro® with BCAA in ratio 8:1:1, and added HMB and Glutamine dipeptides. Hydro Rush contains a protein composition of amino acids in the form of peptides and tri-peptides, these molecules are so small that they do not need to be processed by the body for so long. The amino acids are absorbed super fast, after 15 minutes much of the amino acids have been absorbed and are ready to feed your muscles for a faster recovery and growth. Lactose and gluten free.

Usage: 1 portion before or after workout.

Manufacturer: SelfOmninutrition
Nutritional content per serving (29g):
Energy 102 kcal
Protein 24 g
Carbohydrates 0.6 g
     of which 0.2 grams of sugar
Fat 0.4 g
     of which saturated 0.2 g
Salt 0.27 g

Ingredients: whey proteins (Hydrolact ™), l-leucine, alanine, l-glutamine (Glnpep ™), flavors, milk casein proteins (Peptopro®), cocoa, HMB, acidity regulator (E296), l valine , l-isoleucine, emulsifiers: E322 (sunflower, soya), stabilizers (E466), sweeteners (sucralose, E950).
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Hydro Rush

Hydro Rush

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