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Always Active Core Full Length Tight

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99,99 €
99,99 €
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These soft and supportive tights featuring our Active Core Stability™ waistband will keep your core supported during any workout. With the convenience of zip pockets large enough to carry your phone these will soon become your go-to tight.

Let’s Talk Tech:
  • Nothing 2 C here fabric
  • Active Core Stability™ through the waistband
  • Phone pocketGym workouts
  • Interval training
  • High impact cardio
Features and Benefits:
  • We’ve got you covered, made from Nothing 2 C Here fabric so you can remain focused
  • Active Core Stability™ ensures a supported mid-section leaving you secure and supported!
  • Phone pockets for convenience and entertainment during cardio
Valmistaja: Lorna Jane
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Always Active Core Full Length Tight

Always Active Core Full Length Tight

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